With hearts hungry for God, Stephen and Bronwyn Rothquel planted a new church, City Hill Westville, with the first service held at Westville's Blue Heights Centre in January 2011.  At the same time Hendan and Jenny Wienand planted Route 5 at Westville Boys High School.  With a common passion for the Westville community and a burning desire to reach more people, the hearts of both churches began to knit together with chords of unity and vision. One City, a merge of Route 5 and City Hill Westville became a reality in July 2014 and God has been adding to our numbers steadily ever since.  One City is a church with a heart for providing a community home that is healthy, vibrant, committed to friendships and bonded with one vision and one belief.  

Planting churches with the desire to reach more people is our passion and our call.  From the 1st of October Hendan and Jenny Wienand together with Brian and Caitlin Barnes will be planting a new church out of One City into the suburb of Kloof.  We are excited to watch as God does great things through them in this new and exciting season.